Robert De Niro Sr. Iconic Maxwell Mahogany Bar Sketch


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A picture tells a story. Famed New York actor Robert De Niro’s namesake father Sr. was a life-time painter who led an in-between life that was chronicled lovingly in the 2014 celebrated HBO documentary, “Remembering the Artist, Robert De Niro, Sr, (2014)” produced by this son.

The color penciled sketch is a late work of his son’s famed Tribecca Grill in NYC that launched a neighborhood to life and is still happening since 1990. Its’ legendary Mawell’s Mahogony Bar came from the flamboyant restaurant and singles bar symbolizing food and sex in the 1960s. It was resurrected by De Niro Jr. for this own restaurant and this is an opening period picture of it’s new home.The softly proud rendition is housed in a warm grained 14.375 x 12.375 ” and is signed Robert H. De Niro ’91.